I'm Kyle Blaney, an inspiring presenter, Canadian explorer, and avid photographer and birdwatcher. I'm an outreach lead for the Shad enrichment program and a faculty member at Shad each July. I grew up and live in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.


I love public speaking and I'm fortunate to have presented all over Canada. My presentations are inspiring, informative, sprinkled with humour, and filled with my favourite images. They're suitable for a wide range of audiences - nature clubs, photo clubs, schools, corporate events, and more! Read about my upcoming presentations and testimonials from those who have attended past presentations. See my presentation topics and contact me if you're interested in having me speak at your event.


My favourite genres are wildlife (particularly birds) and scenes. This site includes my blog, a description of my photography workflow, a list of my published photos, photo contests I have won prizes in, and my favourite photos. You can also see the 4100 bird photos I have contributed to eBird (the world’s largest biodiversity-related citizen science project), the 4500 photos I have contributed to iNaturalist or the bird photos I have contributed to Dendroica (an online aid to identifying birds in the Western Hemisphere).


Travel is a very important part of my life. I travel throughout Canada to promote SHAD and on my own. Each spring from 2013 to 2018, I went on a long camping trip (around 20,000 kilometres return) from my home in Belleville, Ontario to my job at Shad’s University of British Columbia campus in Vancouver. Check out the maps of these camping trips!


Shad is a 27-day program for high school students based on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) and entrepreneurship where participants live at a host university while engaging in experiential learning, sociocultural activities and community building. Through lectures, workshops, labs and team projects, students learn by doing and leave inspired, unleashed and connected with like-minded youth from across the country. Participants get a taste of university life by living on campus at one of 18 Canadian host universities while delving into a variety of topics under the guidance of renowned professionals and university professors. At Shad, we look beyond academic performance to see potential – we seek youth who are curious about the world around them, community-minded, creative and engaged in their strengths. Shad is for youth who want to bring about real, positive change. It costs nothing to apply and a range of financial support is available for those with demonstrated need, including bursaries and scholarships.

Shad is not just the best month of your life; it’s the best month for your life with benefits that last a lifetime. Upon completion of the program, participants become a lifelong member of the impressive Shad Network, with a growing total of 17,000+ alumni that includes 32 Rhodes Scholars, 56 Schulich Leaders, 92 Loran Scholars and prominent entrepreneurs, industry leaders and business professionals. Students completing Shad also receive the Shad Fellow designation, which is recognized and valued by universities, scholarship providers and employers.

I am very passionate about Shad. I participated as a high school student at Shad's Acadia University campus and I have been a faculty member at the Shad program every July since 2013. I've seen firsthand how much Shad changes lives and prepares students to succeed. Watch my video testimonial on Shad.


Prior to 2013, I worked in software development for more than 16 years. You'll still see some remnants of that prior life on this site.